For more than four decades, we have had our finger on the pulse of the textile and fashion world, dedicating ourselves to issues of optimal product presentation.

Today, in the digital age, it is becoming increasingly important to generate emotional shopping experiences through effective in-store presentations.

Thus, the fashion shop is no longer just a point of sale (POS); rather, it’s where the consumer spends valuable time… lingering for inspiration.

If you want your customers to take advantage of the newest opportunities being made available in this modern era, you need to be working with the right partner.

We can make vibrant and effective presentation solutions for your in-store systems materialize, while continually raising the bar by developing both targeted and holistic concepts in visual merchandising — all coherently presented in step with your corporate identity.

We have developed a range of unique, high-quality hangers, individually designed mannequins, appealing in-store elements, and we feature a comprehensive retail-order tool to handle POS orders from selection all the way up to worldwide delivery right in your shop.

With decades of international marketing experience under our belts, our products meet the highest quality and safety standards, designed, produced, and tested with the latest, efficient methods.

With our reliable support coupled with our global presence, we offer the kind of products and all-around service that distinguishes our efforts at the very top of modern visual merchandising.

It is further a matter of course for us to take social responsibility in our business, from the working conditions of our employees to a resource-efficient concern for the environment.

Give us your idea, and we’ll take care of the implementation, from start to finish!