PU-R (polyurethane – resin)

Recyclable rotor casted unbreakable mannequins

PU-R, is used for rotor casting and is a preferred and appreciated material for mannequins and forms. This since the product is very durable, some call it un-breakable. Compared to a blow- molded thermoplastic the investment for tooling is just a fragment and the final product is much faster to market. From a health and labor perspective, the manufacturing environment is non-toxic and is therefore a hundred times better as an alternative to classical fiberglass production.

Until now, due to the compound material the downside has been that PU- R is not recyclable. But Vertex has as the first mannequin company managed to reverse the chemical process and as the only producer offer PU-R mannequins as 100% recyclable. This is a break through for the industry, fashion retailers and of course for our planet.