True sustainable and environmental alternatives for VM and Global retailers

“To save our planet for future generations we need to make changes of how we use our planet’s resources. The power for change lies in the hands of the consumer and in the mindset of the creative industries.” 

Parley for the Oceans

Ocean Plastic

Mannequins, hangers, carrier bags from recycled plastic waste

Millions of tons of plastic are killing our oceans. This is a sad fact and people globally have started to realize this to be a serious threat to our planet. Parley of the Oceans addresses the major threats towards our ocean, the most important ecosystem of our planet. Parley is the organizer of gathering the plastic waste and Vertex is a partner for the manufacturing of new products. Due to a unique cleaning and separation process, the waste can be reused for new products such as mannequins, hangers, carrier bags. The material is chemically called HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and is one of the most common plastic materials for sturdy products. That’s why the possibility to reuse Ocean Plastic is almost unlimited. Please learn more about Parley on http://www.parley.tv/


PU-R (polyurethane – resin)

Recyclable rotor casted durable mannequins

PU-R, is used for rotor casting and is a preferred and appreciated material for mannequins and forms. This since the product is very durable, some call it un-breakable. Compared to a blow- molded thermoplastic the investment for tooling is just a fragment and the final product is much faster to market. From a health and labor perspective, the manufacturing environment is non-toxic and is therefore a hundred times better as an alternative to classical fiberglass production.

Until now, due to the compound material the downside has been that PU- R is not recyclable. But Vertex has as the first mannequin company managed to reverse the chemical process and as the only producer offer PU-R mannequins as 100% recyclable. This is a break through for the industry, fashion retailers and of course for our planet.



Wood hangers, recycled and again recyclable wood

Fasal, also called liquid wood, is made from industrial waste from FSE certified wood production and is a fantastic renewable resource. The hangers have the warmth, feel and touch of solid wood and they even have the pleasant scent of wood. We use organic resin as binder and if you choose the most environmentally advanced resin, the hangers are compostable. We grind the used hangers and produce new designs. The circle is closed.

Since it is a molded product the design opportunities are, more or less, unlimited. This is a benefit as important as any in the world of fast moving fashion.

Learn more on http://www.fasal.at/products/hangers-stella-mccartney/



Recycled solid surfaces. Solid stone feel desktops, floors, walls- recycled and recyclable

Grenite is a manufacturer of solid and extremely durable surfaces for flooring, countertops and other elements where solid surfaces are used. That is, where stone and concrete are the traditional materials.

With a unique technology Grenite is recycling industrial waste of stone, glass and acrylics to produce materials with the same look, features and durability as virgin materials. Standard designs are available in stone, marble and other finishes. Custom designs and shapes are welcome and our engineers are avaible to support you to reach your design ideas.

Learn more on www.grenite.com


Our pledge is to never stop searching and developing more R2R materials with solutions that support the environment and contribute to a cleaner planet and a lower carbon footprint.

Please don´t hesitate to get in touch for any request of information or for new ideas you might have. We welcome a challenge and the business we all love- retail.