The Vertex GmbH Vertriebsgesellschaft für Textileinrichtungsbedarf assumes responsibility:

Firstly, there is the responsibility toward our employees. We provide positive, sociable working conditions, control working hours well-within fair-shift systems, and ensure health and safety in factories.

Our workplaces are regularly inspected by reputable international auditors. Vertex has always been process-oriented and continues to provide multi-stage quality checks; we are fully certified to SA 8000 and ISO 9001 qualityassurance standards.

Secondly, Vertex exercises responsibility as we recognize our commercial stewardship toward the local and global environments.

We fabricate in a resource-efficient manner, using largely eco-friendly fabrics and constantly innovate with sustainable practices.

For example, our wood comes from FSC-certified-sustainable sources, and for our wooden hangers, we developed a natural-wood-fiber material, Fasal BIO 337, alongside renowned universities.

This permits us to produce exclusive solid-wood products with minimal energy consumption.